FMP – Reasonings list

The content, and its amount and attention to detail;

now, since i am doing concept art youd expect details and precisionally accurately decided turn arounds of characters, correct?. unfortunately not in this games case. for the type of game i’m creating turnarounds arent neccesary since it is a very sprite/talking and puzzle based game, its more about the adventure then anything else so having the character in full detail and from 80 different angles would not only be a waste of time, but wouldn’t fit the game, and serves no purpose


FMP – List of production

In terms of what i actually have to produce i need a list to help me keep track.

[to do];

  • headshot sketches [x4] // done
  • midbody sketches[x4] //
  • fullbody sketches[x4] //
  • pose studies // mid done
  • sketched out traits //
  • various environment sketches //
  • silhouettes // done
  • ———-
  • digital hair variations[x4] // done, vaguely
  • digital skin/face details[x4] // done
  • digital silhouettes // done
  • digital midbody sketches //
  • digital outfit variations // done
  • digital fullbody sketches / concepts //
  • digital finalised design //
  • digital tweaks of designs //
  • digital sketch dump of npcs //
  • lined/cleaner possibly coloured dump of npcs //
  • antagonist grissilda character design //
  • ———–
  • digital sketches of background/environments
  • rough idea of environments
  • cleaner lined environment sketches
  • painted/lineless environment backgrounds[x2/3]
  • ———–
  • digital ‘group photo’
  • very very sketchy digital sprites/sprite ideas
  • very sketchy and basic level design

FMP – Story Write-up

here is where i am going to put a more detailed write-up for the story of the game itself, or at least enough to make the story a solid concept. 

the introduction or prologue to the game will be told in the form of a very basic scroll type book media, in which it tells the story of a witch, at the time she wasnt very powerful, but was in a learning process, slowly working out how to gain more and more magic, during the time that she wasn’t so powerful, several creatures crossed her. One being a dragon, who tricked her into giving over almost all her gold, without giving so much as a puff of fire in return before flying away to her cave, the next a unicorn who refused to give a strand of her mane to the witch for a spell, telling her that she would never be strong enough to meddle with unicorn magic. The third was a manticore, whos den the witch had stumbled into on an adventure of her own, he almost took her life as he chased her away, violent creatures are manticores. The last was a griffin, who simply forgot they agreed to help her move her resources, they had made an agreement and in his busy day he forgot to go. 

FMP – Resources – Links