FMP – Evaluation and self review

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unfortunately i didn’t do much observational based research due to the fact that with the topic i was using and the genre, there weren’t any relevant physical places i could have visited, though i did have multiple photos taken by myself of environments/locations and of physical body poses to help with anatomy in future and for the final environments down the line. most of the content i created was from imagination after all that’s where character concepts usually come from, imagination and research into traits combined in the right ways to create the depth of a character.  Research is not my strongest suit so of course, i did have difficulty finding research, the contextual references were the most annoying to grab a hold of since i didn’t know how many places would have the right resources, the college library ending up having multiple books on concept art, game, environment and characters alike. the difficulty mostly came from my lack of pinpointing the simple topics to research, since i like to overcomplicate things unintentionally. As usual most of my research was online based, though i looked deeper into the contextual side when it came to actual character tips and definitely used most if not all contextual resources of research for the environmental concepts. i don’t tend to look at other artists when doing my own artwork only because i have the tendency to compare my art to theirs and then entirely give up on the project. i mostly had a brief look at artists for games i particularly like or for shows i liked the style of, one of those being the group who worked on drawing the dragons for ‘my little pony’ since i was working with a dragon character myself. most artists were concept and final artists for the game ‘overwatch’ which i have consistently been looking into for around a year. my art style is more jagged and unrefined since i don’t have a solid one yet and i lack art experience since i never took it to GCSE and just used it as a side hobby whenever i felt like it, hence my anatomy is greatly underdeveloped.

luckily i handed in almost all of the work i wanted to by the first soft deadline, though all the major work i absolutely needed to get done was all handed in on that first deadline, since i pushed myself to get it done asap. extra work i wanted done like sprites and the promotional poster which i sadly forgot to hand in on the first deadline so i will have to remember to add it to my files on the harsh deadline. i have to admit, the outfit variations took more time then i would’ve liked, most likely because i had someone distracting me consistently and because i had to try and come up with the idea generation for those outfits, for all four characters. in all honestly i hate making plans or schedules because i never stick to them, i have to work at my own comfortable pace, so i didn’t use nor find the schedule i made effective.

at the very start i wanted to have multiple characters planned out in more detail, or at least sketched out in more detail as well as having five full characters done, but i realised the goals i set myself were far too ambitious, as usually, my brain is too big for itself when it comes to rationality and creativity. i decided to cut the characters down to four only and then changed the fourth character once i started to sketch because i decided the other idea i had would be better for me to do, even though i’m still disappointed that i was unable to execute the idea i had for him. one change to the plan i made was to decide on making a few sketchy sprites since i had started a new game in personal time and its style was similar to what i was going for. for me personally my ideas were not varied enough, i usually have a tough time editing and setting new ideas and updates apart from my original idea, if i like it that much its unlikely that will change, of course i did variants of different aspects but overall the variation is limited which is dissappointing for a concept art based project. I didn’t want the group of characters to look too plain and similar, so of course based on their original ‘forms’ and creatures i started by deciding skin tone, since i knew all of them being light skinned was heavily unrealistic, next i had to go through different ideas to do with extra limbs, what they would be and where such as horn variations for the creatures who originally had horns. things like body parts, skin tone, hair style, body shape, height etc were all played around with. genders were also paired up with different creatures to see which i felt would be best. i didn’t experiment with materials, i felt no need to paint, water or acrylic as well as ink, since these effects would not be transferred to the digital pieces it didn’t seem purposeful. i looked at many differently selected and made pallets to base around each character, choosing the ones that i thought would best fit them on the information i already had laid out for the group. i spent a good multiple weeks on development, the final products and concepts weren’t done until closer to the deadline, since little tweaks and versions and changes were made to get to those points overall.

i’ve decided to present my work in mostly a4 on the board with one a3 poster, i would like to have multiple a3 pieces but my space on the board is quite limited so i’m choosing to use mostly a4 for space convenience. the work i made, as a collective did and does fit the brief and what is needed to fit the criteria.


FMP – Reasonings list

The content, and its amount and attention to detail;

now, since i am doing concept art youd expect details and precisionally accurately decided turn arounds of characters, correct?. unfortunately not in this games case. for the type of game i’m creating turnarounds arent neccesary since it is a very sprite/talking and puzzle based game, its more about the adventure then anything else so having the character in full detail and from 80 different angles would not only be a waste of time, but wouldn’t fit the game, and serves no purpose

FMP – List of production

In terms of what i actually have to produce i need a list to help me keep track.

[to do];

  • headshot sketches [x4] // done
  • midbody sketches[x4] //
  • fullbody sketches[x4] //
  • pose studies // mid done
  • sketched out traits //
  • various environment sketches //
  • silhouettes // done
  • ———-
  • digital hair variations[x4] // done, vaguely
  • digital skin/face details[x4] // done
  • digital silhouettes // done
  • digital midbody sketches //
  • digital outfit variations // done
  • digital fullbody sketches / concepts //
  • digital finalised design // done
  • digital tweaks of designs // done
  • digital sketch dump of npcs // done
  • lined/cleaner possibly coloured dump of npcs // na
  • antagonist grissilda character design // in progress
  • ———–
  • digital sketches of background/environments /done
  • rough idea of environments / one
  • cleaner lined environment sketches / nah
  • painted/lineless environment backgrounds[x2/3] / done
  • ———–
  • digital ‘group photo’/done
  • very very sketchy digital sprites/sprite ideas /done
  • very sketchy and basic level design