Pitch for a Pixar Style Animation


pencil_and_sketchpad_by_neeriak-d41gclwBrendon{voiced by Brendon Urie} is quite the casual guy but he’s very good at one of his main hobbies which is art and drawing. On an off day and with no explanation his reality changes. He was drawing a medieval type scene on an a4 sheet of paper, nothing out of the ordinary when he is transported into his own drawing somehow, stuck in the medieval time in which it is set.

He finds himself in the village of foresheadshire which, when he turns to find a way around the place, he realises it’s quite familiar. Since he was confused and had no actual idea as to how he had got there he did his best to live there and by the way of the medieval times and after some time – he completely forgets that there was ever a ‘real reality’. In his time at the village he discovers his musical talents that hadn’t been known to him in the ‘real world’. Unfortunately for him the village people didn’t like his music – at all.

He had heard of a dragon that occasionally terrorised the village and to earn respect back he said he would ‘slay’ this dragon and even though he was given a sword he had no idea how to fight, not a clue. Of course this ended up with him going to fight it but deciding to use his rapping to confuse it. This gave him enough time but as he swung it towards the creatures neck –

He wakes up.

{in the medieval part the animations switched from 3d to 2d, noticeably}

The film has a fun/adventure sense to it and its based around fantasy – both of these are similar to the lord of the rings trilogy which is an adventure/fantasy film genre. Films like these tend to go down well as they tend to be intriguing and take us back to a medieval like time which we could not experience ourselves but can somehow experience through these films.

The main character is the anchor for the film, he grounds and almost defines it. He has the typical main character trope which is for him to come across as a genuine guy so the audience grows attached easily enough to care about him even early on in film.

The film genre is a mix between adventure and fantasy, seeing as this type of thing is impossible. Even though the genre is the same as the lord of the rings trilogy, theres a lot of difference between the two. For example, lord of the rings was a very live action film with sets, multiple plot lines and backstory and an entirely fictional set up. This film may be based around the fantasy perception of medieval lore but its still based in a very common medieval village setting

[pic of mindmap here]



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