Audio – Halloween Spooktacular

The story of this soundtrack is complicated and one of those too hard to believe stories.

A tiger at the local zoo escaped, it was a Monday, the first day of the school week. The authorities were notified about this escape later then they should’ve been and the tiger managed to get as far as a local primary school. It was sports day, all the kids were outside, the tiger had gotten to the grounds by easily jumping the fence an unfortunately took a little girls life.

Said ‘little girl’ was one of the relay runners and she was looking for her own father amongst the crowds of parents, he promised he would be there but she had no such luck in finding him. The others managed to get inside the building to bar the doors and call the authorities, the authorities shot the tiger.

Both the girl and the tiger remain trapped as ghosts in the school grounds, the daughter searching for her father still and the tiger searching for her. Its said that late at night you can still hear her calling out for her dad amongst the crowd.


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