Task One – Architecture Assignment – Adolphe Cassandre Research


Adolphe Cassandre was a french painter and commercial poster artist, the posters shown above are few of many he has created, each are for their own reason and have their own message to convey.

The first poster uses newspaper/magazine parts to form/fill the outline of a hand which is reaching out below what looks like the earth. Theres two contrasts of night time in the background and the use of adding in shadow as well as the font standing out at the top. The outline changes with the background colour so that it is still readable and the lettering is all capitals so it can’t be missed. The message of this piece in particular could be showing how there is news about parts of the world, all over the world and how theres always something to report on, in fact a piece like this could have many different messages depending on who you ask. The font used is simple but it gives off a business tone.

Cassandre mostly painted things with message and earlier on he created posters about newer transport that came up. His techniques were not uncommon, he used stencils and airbrush mainly and he touched upon the style of cubism and futurism{which is an italian variation of the technique}, this was the earlist of forms of abstract art and it attracted a lot of attention due to its different approach. x

Stencils were and are used a lot in the traditional printing process, you wouldnt be able to get accurate and clean looking patterns, words or images without them and frankly it wouldnt look as good on anything from curtains to posters. Stencils are usually thin sheets of material e.g. plastic, metal, possibly wood with text, patterns or designs cut from them so the ink will have somewhere to fill and create the pattern/shapes/text etc wanted. Stencils can easily be re-used if the pattern neads to be applied to multiple things or even tweaked.

Air brush can give a very nice effect and look when it is used though it is often different depending on what is used e.g. ink, paint etc. Since Cassandre used both stencils and Air brush it makes sense once you see the posters themselves and its not hard to percieve how he made them though the materials he used may be a little harder {it was most likely ink or paint, since dye isnt typically used for posters}

Stencils were used for a sharp,clear and clean pattern so the airbrush didnt blend over each pattern made and it kept the abstract-type art present in the posters, cubism is still there in some of the non travel based posters, for example the second poster in the centre with the bird and the wine glass? It uses mostly shapes and abstract type art to create a simple yet impactful poster.


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