Audio – Fire Ambience

Fireside Ambience from Jay on Vimeo.

In the previous lesson we worked on using casual items like crisps/crisp packets and bubble wrap to create sound for something we may not have access to and in this case that was fire/flames. Once the different tracks were overlayed and placed together until they created roughly 19/20 seconds of audio.

We were then told that we were to use adobe premiere to add this audio to a short clip of fire to see if our sound was accurate and fitted what it was supposed to be.

What i could’ve done better was be a bit lighter when using the crisp packets so it sounded less like crisp packets and more like a light flame, using the bubble wrap more probably would of made a great muffle effect.

The entire room was kept silent so we could all record the fire sounds at the same time {it was probably helpful to have the background noise of crackling to add to the effect i suppose?} 

Both empty and full packets were used since they create different sounds. Bubble wrap was also used/popped to create the sound of when wood cracks when being burnt/submerged in fire for so long. It was also used by being crinkled slowly and softly.


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