Task One – Architecture Assignment – Paul Rand


Paul Rand was another graphic designer and an art direction, he was from america. He was mainly known for his logo designs, which he did plenty of. Nevertheless he still made some pretty cool posters, as shown above.

Now, with these posters they’re very simple and use a maximum of maybe eight colours, each important part of the poster stands out and none of them include eye straining colour. There is next to no {if none allready} text on the posters, just images are mainly used which could convey that the message he wants to show could be simple enough that words are not needed. He tried hard in his earlier years to change graphic design from a craft to an actual profession.

An example of a logo that Rand modified is the IBM logo, which he modified in ’56.


The technique for printing that Rand used was different and more up to date. He used ‘modern’ fonts to catch the eye and most of his posters, ads etc contained sketchy drawings of some sort that had been printed onto the paper. His technique ranged from casual screen prints to digital work. This transition to digital seemed to come to terms when the company/ies he worked for also came to the electronic age.

When it comes to layout Rand seems to keep things very simple and usually centred or across the centre, this is where the poster focus lies most of the time.












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