Contemporary Posters – Assignment One – Task One


Here i have grouped three contemporary modern and fairly recent posters together to analyse them.

The first poster is a poster created to advertise the {at the time} new show coming to television and it was likely photoshop and other adobe products were used when creating this poster and piecing it together this way. The meaning of this poster could be slightly different depending on who you ask but all answers would be relatively the same, to me this poster is trying to show how small Rick is compared to the rest of the scene in the poster, he’s at that size on purpose to try and make the world he’s in seem intimidating and untrustworthy, the viewer of this poster could relate to finding that they feel small in the world as well.

It seems to use a rule of thirds type layout, almost everything important is centred which includes the text. The font used is very big, stands out against the background and is quite simple so it doesn’t take attention away from the rest of the poster. The colours the poster used are very few and all dark which gives the poster an eerie feel to it, intriguing the viewer.

The second poster we see is a lot more simple, programmes like photoshop would’ve been used to piece together photos and add tones and effects. The text at the top has a much lighter colour then the rest of the poster so that it can still be viewed, so its important but doesn’t take up a big area of the poster so it doesn’t become a liability. The poster conveys a real sense of intimidation and curiosity with it, since in the image no solid character or look is portrayed only a silhouette behind a screen which looks pretty strong and protective, it almost suggests that the person behind the silhouette should be kept behind it, for safety – ‘fear of the unknown’.

The layout of the poster also focuses on the centre here, all the important things are mostly centred like the silhouette and the title itself. The colours in the second poster are also dark, it keeps a sinister and almost tense feel, the silhouette already creates tension and curiosity but the darker tones and colours used only adds to it, if it were bright colours it would scream positivity but it only uses darker colours.

The third and final poster is a little different from the others. A lot of images and effects were added so complicated photo editing software would’ve been needed to create a poster this complicated. Although it is complicated when it comes to software usage and layering, the poster itself is actually quite simple. The text used is just bright enough to be seen in front of the image but the font definitely fits the posters tone. The font has an almost mystic and ancient look to it which fits in well with the outrageous and unrealistic things going on in it.

Text takes up a surprisingly small amount of the poster almost all of it is just imagery. The poster is designed to feel unreal/magical and mystic because of what the film is about and in this poster it is shown as much as possible how illusional it is.








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