Mario Kart over the years – HUDs

smk-hdnewSuper Mario kart was first released in 1992 for the SNES by nintendo and includes various huds which have changed over time. In the earlier years the huds were permanent  to do with timers, amount of coins, lives left etc. This version had limited colours and it was very pixel/8-bit so there aren’t many details.


In 1996/1997 mario kart 64 came out, the same game but with small tweaks – such as the the detail on the maps, added and retracted things on the hud such as the map being there and what place you’re in as well as laps you’re on. With the map instead of mini-yous its just coloured pixels/dots and you’re the one in the different colour.


In 2001 a new mario kart;super circuit, version came out for the game boy advanced and more changes had occurred. The detail on the time and lap has improved as well as the placing. The item box has improved and the over al resolution and colour spectrum has really improved, the characters on the side are still there and the place which you stand is brighter and has a shadow.


In 2003 mario kart double dash came out for gamecube and the quality improvements were clear, the resolution was better and different colours were used, such a wide range of colours. The text used for the huds changed to make it more fun feeling and in this game a hud for how fast you were going was added right under the map. The map had the faces of characters instead of coloured pixels and the detail on each part.

A video game screenshot with a racing kart on the top screen and a map of the race course on the bottom screen.In 2005 mario kart came out for the new DS console and the graphics and colours have improved and widened. the resolution is sharper but not much better then he gamecubes kart. the speed at which youre driving has been removed and the order everyone is in plus what items they have. the map is even more detailed on the bottom screen but is not on the upper screen anymore.

In 2008 mario kart came out for the wii console, the graphics are very 3d and the map is onscreen again but its more transparent to allow the course below to be seen. the item box still needs a button to be activated and the timer is more noticeable.

in 2011 the new mario kart 7 came out for the newest console which was 3ds, the map is on the bottom screen as well as placing and items, the resolution is so much better and clearer, there are more colours and shades included and more detail, the timer is no longer visible.

In 2014 mario kart came out for the new wiiu console that nintendo had upgraded from the classic ‘wii’. things are a lot more toned down and minimal, the coins, place and laps are all pushed into corners and less visible and there is no map on screen anymore or a timer.



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