Architecture Posters – Assignment One – Evaluation

to create the architecture posters to advertise the london festival for architecture many techniques and programmes were use to create both the main poster and the two alternates. the programmes that were used were photoshop and illustrator from adobe. different tools in each of these were used, for the most part it was the pen tool in illustrator since that is where linearts and basic shapes were created since vectors are easier and neater to make in illustrator. any colouring needed was done in photoshop, different elements were brought together and touched up in photoshop.

for example, in my main poster its clearly shown that its a silhouette poster. these lines were created in illustrator and then with the use of layers the lines were slightly tweaked before colouring. of course the font was added next, it was difficult to choose a font since i made a moodboard of ones that could work and relate to architecture but in the end a simple yet fancy font was the only one that fit with the silhouette poster due to it being very simplistic itself, only needing a simplistic font.

one of my alternate posters had a different process to it. pictures were found {that were allowed} of london architecture, the big ben one was transparent allready but the gherkin was not. i used the magic wand tool to clear most of the background but the casual eraser helped get rid of odd specks leftover. once cleared, seperated and placed in the desired places i was looking for a more artistic/cartoon look so i went to the filters and hoped they had what i was looking for,,they had close enough.

my posters have different layouts for example the first alternative poster has a rule of third type layout, where the main parts are not centered but rather on the lines of the grid wanted. my main poster has a ‘z’ like layout with text, then imagery then text below that. the final alternative poster also sits with a rule of third, grid type layout to it.

different types of media were used during the production for these posters, some made by me and others from photography and the internet. my posters, when put next to professional works have varied differences and few similarities.

professional posters, whether created digitally or traditionally have a cleaner look to them and different styles. for example, a poster by paul rand is often simplistic and purely based on imagery and relies on that to convey a message whereas adolphe cassandre often had many colours, abstract shapes and cleverly formed titles on his, not just relying on imagery.

due to me not having as much experience mine are not as good or as well formulated, mine are fully digital and no traditional work was done unlike the two previously mentioned designers. their posters have more colour and a deeper message to them whereas mine are just a simple advertisement for an event.

similarities are that for the most part simplicity is an element as well as layout in both/all the posters, mine and theirs.

differences are that they use a more abstract and shape-reliant style to my posters, then again as stated before mine art digital and theirs are not. most of theirs have next to no text on them, if any is included. there is also more detail in their posters than mine oddly enough, small things are made to look detailed enough even in abstract artistical posters they have created.




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