HUDs – out of game

motorbikes ,, army,, cars – self drive, aviation, police/fire, astronauts. v i net

cars, mostly the luxury ones, do indeed have HUDs in them, in fact in 2024 its estimated that most if not all cars will have some sort of HUD, simple or not. HUD units are often found in luxury cars made by producers likes audio, BMW and mercedes benz. the HUD usually displays information on the cars windshield in the drivers vision. the displays are though to minimize driver distraction and improve safety. the HUD can show information like the gas, speed and any navigation instructions needed.

in games like CoD HUDs are normal and in most cases necessary but HUDs are also used in some helmets and vehicles for the military. things like ammo, distance and navigation for example. helicopters can have improved aim with HUDs for it.


motorbikes and their helmets have also managed to include and use HUDs to their advantage. in one of the more known helmets, skully ar-1, you have the ability to look behind you, to know what music your phone is playing and switch it and even show what speed you’re going at. it could be expanded to show gas or even the time of day. this is greatly easier for drivers as they can keep their eyes on the road ahead but still have eyes at the back so they know how fast to go/when to move over.

VINET is an example of a vehicle HUD.


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