HUDs – Task Two – Research

History of racing games

the oldest known racing game began in the 1970’s and were practically all arcade games of a sort. the first was a very basic game called ‘space race’ by/for the atari and it was extremely basic compared to the sort of race games that come out today. a few years down the line another game comes out named ‘speed race’ by taito and it enabled single player mainly but also two player in which the two would try to beat each others score. 

In 1979 the last race game of the 70’s ‘monaco gp’ was released by sega. it shows great improvement from games at the start of the era, it has colour and many many helpful HUD features such as score, timing and ranking, which is more then what games had before hand.

going into the 80’s improvement was evident. racing games started to include background music so they werent so plain, even if. pole position by namco was released earlier on in the 80’s era and was the first racing game to include a real circuit and a qualifying lap! the 80’s period of racing games showed big improvements, things such as third person racing, realism, shooting, obstacle avoiding, ai players.

the 90’s also showed much improvement and promise from the past and for the future. graphic and gameplay mechanics were greatly improved and most things were dialed down so the screen was more based on the car and the HUD features slowly became smaller and took up less of the screen.

finally, in the early 2000’s graphics and game mechanics had vastly improved from the way they were when the games were first out. various elements were added and removed from racing games alltogether and as time went on the hud took up less and less of the screen. 

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interface elements;

there are many different elements to any interface, the same goes for video game interfaces. these games always have a map or something similar somewhere on screen or its able to be pulled up, maps are essential to racing games as without one the player would not know what course they were on or where to go, or where the finish line was. the same goes for way finding arrows, they aren’t essential and are sometimes not used(or used in subtle ways rather then on screen) in the games but without them its significantly harder to figure out which way you’re supposed to be going and if its even the right direction. speedometers are also common as well as fuel gauges, the player needs to know what speed they’re going at and how much fuel there car has, this usually ties in with placing and power-ups. lap time, laps taken and placing currently are also constantly used and needed in racing games as an element, without them you wouldn’t know where you were, how far you had left or who you still had to pass to win. 

information sets, in games and game theory, is a set that for every individual player establishes/shows all possible moves that could’ve been taken in a game, from what they have observed.

real cars;

below there is a moodboard of car dashboards, these are needed as they show what real cars use as a display when people drive in real time. as always there are guidelines and implications to consider, a lot of real car logos and names are copyrighted and creating something similar in name or design could result in serious infringement. ethics are also a big part of this games guides, many things that are frowned upon should not be included such as things that could be racist, sexist etc. these are all things that are unethical and frowned upon when it comes to what people find acceptable, this game needs to be socially and morally acceptable to people for it to be even remotely playable. 

branding, copyright and intellectual property laws;

branding is often used to protect companys, things that company makes etc so that it is always linked back to them, other people can make similar things of course but they cant be used with that name or ‘brand’ on it because it doesnt belong to them. copyright is different, many things can be copyrighted but some things cannot. for example logos can in fact be copyrighted as well as company names, titles etc but if a logo is deemed too simple and not creative enough then its not seen as illegable for copyright since ‘anybody’ could make it.  



i made a moodboard of car huds/dashboards instead of the ones for video games that we have looked at because its good to compare interfaces. we need these in cars so they are safe and driveable. without knowing how much gas there is left or what speed youre going at you could be in danger or break the law.


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