Vroom! – Game Idea/Brief

The racing game i’m creating is set in a future apocalyptic world, the world is slightly and slowly decaying, a large world war created this type of world. Some buildings are broken but some cities are fairly intact, it depends where you were. There were many survivors but over time even those whittled down, different groups choosing to enhance and create different things to keep surviving in the new world order.

the circumstances of the game are that since these different groups are survivors they obviously have to work together to get things, help make things etc but theres an issue with a large group trade among three of these groups and the only way they decide to sort it out is by a race, on one of the old roads of london.

when a group wins a race the payout is of course trade from the others groups, currency and items that they were trying to trade for in the first place. the aim is to win the race to get the goods for the group.

the HUD has a lot going on. theres of course the speed and fuel areas on screen all the time as well as placing and arrows to tell you where to go, a notification should also pop up briefly when you pass a team and get ahead of them.

race track – around the common, wimbledon;



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