Evaluation – Vroom! HUD Assignment


in this assignment task we were asked to create a HUD{heads up display} for a new racing game about electronic cars set in london. there were many different things to consider while making this, some of these things being advertising, legel and ethnical implications and copyrighted laws. in the brief we were asked to also create three teams to represent and play as in the game, evidence of this can be found in sketchbooks.

for my HUD its more based on how the world is in its current state, for example the game is set in an apocalyptic future so it has got to a point where most normal things and nature are decayed and contaminated, the air is very thick and sometimes plague like in some areas that are too dangerous for living organisms. in the HUD there is the map, which is how the racer finds out which direction to go and how far to the finish line they are as well as how close other teams are to them. it has the speedometer and the fuel gauge, both of which are to do with the car. the speedometer is needed to know how fast the racer is going and if they can go any faster or not, the fuel gauge is what it says it is, it helps the player know how much fuel they have/when they need to stock up or look for a fuel tank. due to it also being connected to teams the hud has a very purple style to it,, one of my teams has a purple based colour scheme so its no surprise. the hud also has a way finding arrow and start lights, these are very basic but they are still very much needed for a hud to function, without them the player could end up driving the wrong way and would know when the race started.

the team logos are very simplistic, if they had been too complicated it may have looked a bit too much for it to just be a logo. the first logo is a simple cherry blossom gone black and corrupt, representing team black blossom. the second logo is a set of old gears connected together representing team time shatter. the last logo is a simple glowing power button in the teams colours which represents team electropulse.

the process that it took to create the HUD overall was a lengthly one as you could imagine. first we had to gather ideas, using the briefs guidlines, as to where it would be set in london, the theme and even colours being used. once we were given our sketchbooks back we used those to jot, doodle and sketch out any basic ides, i did this at first with a mindmap which seperated off into themes, areas, teams, colours etc. i also sketched out a page of existing HUD’s to get an idea of what some of those elements look like in varying forms. using those sketches i developed my own ideas for this racing games hud and what i could use to my advantage. after this, i used my sketchbook to start creating the HUD elements in photoshop, using shape tools, opacity editing, varying brushes and select tools before i managed to complete it.

due to having three teams and an apocalyptic theme, sifting through varied ideas for a HUD was hard. there were so many things that couldve been done but i decided that the corruption/purple smoke would fit best with the HUD theme. the team logos also took some fine tuning before i decided immidiately on one. black blossom was originally death blossom but that didnt connotate with the ‘present’ theme for them, i knew i wanted to use some form of distorted cherry blossom for their logo but it was a decision of how much of the flower i was willing to use. the other logos were a bit different, i didnt have any solid basis for them unfortunately, time shatter were based on past so due to their steampunk look and basis i decided that cogs or old clocks would be a good idea for a logo but i was unsure if i should do one or the other or put both cleverly into the logo, in the end i went for a simple idea. electropulse was more difficult as they were based on future, immidiately i knew their logo would be electric/technology based and i had a few different ideas and variations, most including wires or lightning but in the end i went with the simple power button.

when comparing my HUD to proffesional ones i can definitely say that mine is much less clean, since im not as experienced as they would be when making those. my animation would also not be nearly as smooth as theres would be. the design is more intricate and takes up less space while still being visible and any fonts used are clean and noticeable but not in the annoying way.

thankfully i’m in college for most of the huds creation so there weren’t many hazards to consider but that doesn’t mean that there weren’t any. the classroom is full of mobing and working people so bumping or tripping on them would be a risk. i’m using google drive to get my work around so a risk of that corrupting or wiping would be a risk.


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