HUD Assignment – Feedback

peer feedback;;

in class i asked people their various opinions on different area of the HUD.

i asked about my logos, for the blossom team i had a closeup blossom and the name, a pink with purple tints blossom with the name or a fully purple blossom with the name by it. i asked for peoples opinions on each and they all said they preferred the fully purple one because the closeup didn’t show enough of the flower to make sense and the pink and purple tint looked odd.

with the second time team logo i had to ask for what scale the gears should be. for example i could have one gear coming out of the corner with or without a clock in its centre or i could have two connected gears with or without clocks in the centre. in the end the most preferred one was the two cogs. i didn’t ask for advice on the third logo but i did show it to people and they said they liked it and its simplicity.

at first i was doing a cog based hud so the map was going to be one giant turning cog but after showing the idea to a few people it proved to not fit with my other ideas to i decided to go with the smoke and corrupt hud basis which went down better. i did have to scale down some of the smoke and i made the speedometer more cracked to fit the look after some suggestion.


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