Animation Assignment – Task One – Research


hope is various and opinions on it are different for every person. for example i hold a negative view on hope due to experiences i’ve had. other people believe it is good and we need it to keep ourselves going each day whereas others believe its a waste of time and naive.

hope can mostly be a positive feeling that keeps people going and motivated. it can let them believe in something.


  • Bambi


  • Robots{2005}


  • Undertale{2015}


  • Annie
  • RWBY


in the game undertale there is a constant theme of hope even though its subtle. there is both hope and lack of it, which is communicated through different characters. for example, the king of the land gave his people hope to live freely again in a dark time. the main character hopes to also be free from the underground, papyrus hopes he’ll see proper humans and so on and so forth.

the anime/show RWBY touches on different aspects views and stages of hope. it can show how naive hope is and how younger people seem to hold a lot of it and it can also show what grief can do to hope in a person. it has shown people who are hopeless and think hope is foolish as well as people who practically survive and depend on the feeling.

annie is a play about a young orphan who hopes for a proper family someday. since its based around young orphans the play/film obviously holds a lot of hope which generally comes from the children but there are adults in this too, they conflict with the childrens hope with  a lack of their own, like the owner of the orphanage who is quite frankly miserable.

The history of animation

  • pre 1900’s
    • flipbooks were the most common use of animation, they were often short animations that were given to children to keep them amused.
    • drawing animation right onto a transparent strip and putting that to a projector to show animation.
  • 1900’s – 1930’s
    • the beginning of showing cartoons in theatres
    • especially in places such as US and France
    • animation studios were formed
    • bray studios in NY was most successful at the time
    • bray launched careers of cartoonist such as the ones who created betty boop and mighty mouse
    • 1906 was when the first fully animated film {using stop motion} was made
    • 1908 was when the first hand drawn animated film was made
    • 1914, ‘gerti the dinosaur’ was created and contained one of the most likeable characters in animation for the time
    • 1919 was when felix the cat was introduced and is often considered one of the first if not the first animated movie star
    • finally, in 1928 the steamboat animation was created starring the infamous mickey mouse and was the first animation with sound printed on film, this was also the first big success for walt disney studios
  • 1930’s – 1950’s – ‘golden age of american animation’
    • theatrical cartoons became a big part of popular culture
    • this era is defined by walt disney, warner bros and fleischer{popeye}
    • in 1930 the warner bros were funded and created the merrie melodies series
    • in 1937 snow white came out, by disney it was the first hand drawn animation film feature
  • 1960’s – 1980’s
    • animation finally started to adapt to the concept of television
    • studios created many cartoons using limited animation style
    • with the help of channels like disney and nickolodeon cartoons showed up everywhere over television.
    • in 1960 the infamous cartoon series ‘the flintstones’ was released
    • 1961, yogi the bear {the yogi bear show} debuts
    • 1964, ‘the pink phink'{the pink panther} wins an award for best short film and continues to release its shorts
    • 1964, fritz the cat is released which is the first animated adult film
  • 1980’s – 2014
    • CGI animation rises up as the common animation use
    • 3d modeling is more common then traditional/hand drawn
    • there is also combinations of 3d and 2d animation
    • 1984,,adventures of andre and wally b was released which was all cgi animation
    • 1987, the simpsons,which still goes on to this day, was released and its the longest running sitcom animation to this day.
    • 1995, toy story was released and it was the first fully cgi animated feature film
    • 2014, big hero 6, a cgi animation was made and contained marvel heros, crossing over comic and live action and including it in animation

Analysing a professional animation; the lion king, disney

the lion king still stands to be one of my personal favourite animations and one of the best hand drawn animations to date. the lion king was being worked on at the same time as pochohontas which did get more of the attention at first since the people working on it and the lion king believed it would be the more successful of the two animated films. more then 600 artists, animators and technicians contributed to the lion kings making. the studio the animators were using was shut down by an earthquake occurring so the rest of the film, or what was left of it, had to be done at home. real life animals were studied for reference , this was also done for ‘Bambi’ in 1942. computers helped with some parts of animation, for example the wildebeast stampede was created by having four or so 3d models, duplicating them, cell shading them to look like hand drawn animation and giving them all randomised paths to run in. 

the story boards for the lion king were coloured and drawn in chunks just as storyboards are, no real movement was include as it was just giving a brief rundown as to what the scene should go like in a smooth way.  there was also a pencil test done, its like a cleaned version of the storyboard, half way between storyboard and full animation.

Animation moodboard

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 12.38.23

2D Animation discussion of elements;

there are many different ways in which 2d animation is carried out and/or executed. due to this, there are many elements that go into creating a 2d animation, i’m going to talk a bit about them and see where they’re applied in well known animations whether they’re shorts or films. 

planning is the first huge step in animation which is mandatory is planning, if you don’t plan out your animation then it will end up being very messy and uncoordinated. a plan could be something simple like a list of whats going to be included and used or it could be bigger like a full written out plan which branches off into sectors. 

another important set of elements is a good story and clear message. without these the animation won’t make much sense and will be pretty jumbled and again, messy. even if its an intentional messy animation it still needs to be understandable and have a message or story that its following at minimum. the viewers need to understand what you’re trying to say and the story is in place to keep things interesting and keep people engaged and sometimes on the edge of their seat, its all about emotions and making things interesting. 

i thought this would’ve been a little more known but for 2d animation to generally go well, knowledge of the 12 principles of animation is needed, even at a basic level, without having these animation would be quite difficult and in some areas may not look right or natural. 

other elements would of course be your drawings and/or photos that are going to be used for the animation/illusion of movement itself and lastly the software, even if is basic, to create this illusion of movement with your own materials.

elements such as story and message can be clearly seen in almost any and every large animation project, like pixar/disney, warner bros movies etc. for example bambi had a well written story which tugged at the emotions and told the tale of an orphan trying to survive, of course there have been so many disney films with messages that its difficult to interpret sometimes. for example of a clear message alice in wonderland – ‘everything is never as it seems’ and the lovely message of theres nothing wrong with being a bit extraordinary.

depending on how big and complicated an animation is theres a different production process. for big films like disney and warner bros they usually have teams and hundreds upon hundreds of people working on one film whereas shorts and small studios will have a lot less people and less fancy programs to use while creating, though any person with a pencil and paper or i guess microsoft paint could create a storyboard and anybody could write a script for animation.


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