Evaluation – 2d assignment

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 13.20.06Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 13.42.43Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 14.13.15Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 09.47.13

For this assignment we were told we had to create a 2d animation. Personally, i used photoshop and paint tool sai to create solid backgrounds, sketches and then line-art for the animation, since i decided to do frame by frame animation. The colouring didn’t take that long and the backgrounds had already been done so once i had some lines coloured i exported them and started to piece and time them together in adobe animate, it was a ‘work as i go along’ type of thing, i wasn’t too familiar with animate so it took me some time to adjust myself to it.

My animation is pretty weak and hardly considered animation compared to professional animations. Due to the lack of patience, skill and time my animation cant really even be compared to other works. My animation is choppy, mostly soundless and has a lack of timing and movement which are key factors in good animation, in professional animation it is nine times out of ten smooth and has immaculate timing as well as a solid soundtrack and even sound effects for sounds and noises depending on the type of animation. Also its only me working on the ‘animation’ alone whereas professionally produced animations are often produced by a team of four or more people, even then thats a very small amount usually.

I have showed a few people this animation, not the animatic but the animation right away. Overall there was a mildly positive response to it. It was also shown to the entire class against my will, regardless i got feedback from them as well. 

81% of the class liked the animation, 56% thought it conveyed hope but only a little and 50% rated the movement and animation 6/10. Alot of people thought that the story and message could’ve been conveyed clearer in the animation, and that more frames should’ve been used more but since there was a short time limit i was unable to do this. 100% of people who answered said they enjoyed the style of the animation and it suited. 37% of people who answered said that only sound effects and foley should be included and no background music was needed. 50% said that the fps is fine as it is and 43% said it should be higher for a smoother movement. 


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