Research – Stop Motion


  • made famous by Norman McLaren
  • is a style of animation that is very similar to stop motion, it uses people instead of puppets/clay {x}
  • usually you photograph people doing miniscule movements/moving a tiny bit, once these are synced together it creates an odd form of movement/stop motion
  • this often results in a strange look/outcome
  • x is an example of pixilation animation and how it works
  • processes;
    • One of the most common ways is that a person makes an environment on the floor and then lays down, moving across and around, interacting with objects, the camera would be placed above at a high angle to capture the illusion of walking/moving, a good example of this is this video.
    • Another way is just taking a picture of someone sitting/standing/doing mini action throughout an outside/real environment and interacting with actual outside object or environments


  • uses any non drawn objects
  • different from puppet and model animation since they usually have characters
  • often combined with other stop mo animation forms
  • has been used since the early days of cinema

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