2D Animation – Treatment

I named my project ‘Eyes are windows to the soul’

The genre is animation, 2d digital if we’re being specific.We’re getting it done over a period of weeks and the animation has to be 90 seconds or under. It has to be a PG animation so the audience is for all but young children, though it is aimed at older kids and teens. 

The animation is about two travellers who just need shelter from the blizzard going on. They find an abandoned warehouse/mansion and use it for shelter but once inside they find a box with an important yet vague label taped to it. Eventually, they find that the key to open it isnt physical or a solid object but it comes from within.

For this story there are only two characters, Alex and Jackson. Alex is female, around 5’3 in height and in her early 20’s, she is quite energetic and is always the one of the two that lifts the mood, she has a positive outlook on life and almost every situation, she hasnt got much physical strength but she is fast and a quick thinker, her voice is a little high and soft. Jackson is more quiet and serious, he’s male and exactly 6’0, he’s the more physically able of the two, he’s good at strategising but is a bit of a slow runner, his voice is low and gritty. 

Audio will either be royalty free and close to what i wanted to be in the background or i will use garage band to create a mellow soundtrack of sorts, mostly using a piano and bass i imagine. Piano would be soothing enough to serve as a good background. Soundtrack sounds will be found either online or i will personally go out and create them.

I chose this idea because originally i was going to have the animation circle around hope contrasting to hopeless but in the end i decided that wouldnt really fit what i was going for. Currently i have editing skill and basic animation knowledge, i do have to learn the basics of adobe animate/flash to be able to pull this off though.

I did research of different types of animation as well as the history of animation, mostly using big companies such as disney/pixar to analyse and use as examples, i did a small amount of research on animatics and storyboarding as well.

The equipment i will need is a computer/mac, the software such as animate, photoshop as well as my sketchbook to plan things. Problems that i may come across are things like time constraints, lack of skills, inability to add a soundtrack. Unfortunately theres nothing i can do about the time constraint except for ask for an extension, my current skillset is all i have but i can learn more by tutorials, asking for help etc. 

My product is not going to be shown on tv or film, only on the internet. Legal things to consider are any music in the background, if its royalty/copyright free, if permission is given freely or if you need written permission, any ‘foley’ sounds used must be my own or free to use.

If it were a live brief its an animation? the costs would be the computer or programmes used and that would be all, and maybe the costs of a few other animators, drawing tablet? thats all i can think of. Since we weren’t notified early enough and were given right before a two week break to do the animation i’m afraid i don’t get to decide how long i get or give myself any time for potential problems because it has to be rushed into a week or two for a full animation.




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