Stop motion animation – Treatment

The name of the project, to my knowledge, is ‘stop motion alphabet’

the project/final piece has to be exactly 5 seconds long. the target audience, i imagine, would be toddlers/young children/children since its about the alphabet, it would appeal to all genders since its just the alphabet which everyone needs to learn.

The animation will be about and based around the letter ‘X’, using its shape mostly. I’m not entirely sure on what to do, i’ve been thinking about using thin like objects e.g. headphones, mice, wired, wool to cross over eachother and create an ‘x’ shape, i also plan on using an xmen figure to link it to the letter ‘x’. 

Since this animation isn’t about a specific people or group of people there aren’t any characters, only objects that could be given some sort of persona, unless the figurine counts as a character, in that case a figure of comic book wolverine will be used. For the misenscene element, the background is most likely either going to be just tables or a plain white background, the camera should be still for stop motion but following the character/main object around.

As far as i am aware there isn’t an audio track needed for the stop motion animation, i don’t think it would fit either, it depends on the theme and if there will be a constant background sound throughout all the alphabet videos, i assume if one is needed it would only be gentle in the background. Unfortunately i did not ‘choose this idea’ because instead of picking letters we pulled them from a cup, i got the letter x and i have 0 good ideas for it thus far, i don’t know if it will make a good project, certainly not as good as others in this class. i have no experience with stop motion so i don’t know what skills i could have for this animation aside from editing experience and a very brief knowledge of animate and after effects.

I have done the required research for the stop motion animations history and past. I have also looked at many different stop motion examples and some pre existing alphabet animations others have created. Obviously some sort of camera will be needed, and a stand/tripod for it so the picture setting and composure wouldn’t be jeopardised. Props and items being used to create the letter would also be needed in order to create this.

There are a few problems that i could come to face such as a frame being shot incorrectly, blurry or out of focus. Another is that when taking photos, whether it be taking them or when they’re transferred, a frame or two could be lost or corrupt, or not work. Having to retake frames etc may not be an option so i may have to roll with things and adjust frame times and lengths.

I don’t think there are any legal implications to look out for, possibly not using items that belong to something that could claim for copyright? Ethical implications could be any words or ideas around the letter that could be controversial shouldn’t be used.

I don’t know about budgeting etc for a live brief, probably budget needed for props and good cameras and stands for those so that they don’t wobble around and possibly a green screen. I’m afraid once again schedule isn’t really up to me as much, i just do what i can before the deadline


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