FMP – Pitch


for this project i am going to work towards making multiple pieces of concept art, mostly character, sprite, cutscene or background artworks, for a game. clean, clear and somewhat simple concept art, which will obviously involve a lot of sketching, planning and research to work towards the end goal of good and fitting concept art for whatever type of game it is that i am going to create. this will be done both traditionally and digitally, as pencil work is rarely used in games unless its the specific world and art style of the game and characters or it applies to the story somehow.


  • my friends
  • dragon based films
  • childhood fantasy glossary
  • dinosaur glossary
  • mlp investigates{game}

Obstacle course – evaluation

in this assignment we were asked to create an animation between 30 seconds of a character going round a set obstacle course. there were complications, we made the character in adobe fuse but the model sadly did not work with maya too well, its refused to work with the rig and could not be rendered out.

first i did a very basic stickman block of the course and what positions my character would end up in throughout the very different stages, of course while creating this did change and differ from these sketches. due to time restraint and a brief delay being issued, it is not of the quality i wanted it to be and the movements are stiff and unwelcoming to look at, i am dissappointed in how it did turn out.


Treatment – obstacle course

audience – the people at the company that want to ‘hire me’ lol

constraints – we weren’t given the brief on time so theres that. 

time – not enough since we were given the brief late and there were issues with the model 

export – idk how to export it so that’ll be fun, and the quality will be awful lmao

Video Production – Sketchbook work

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planned costume sketches that were done in advance of actually filming or anything. 

prop plans; 

  • candles
  • torch / lantern 
  • over the shoulder satchel
  • chassise
  • mask
  • leather cover book {worn}
  • ritual stuff lmao
  • flask of beverage{warm}
  • notepad + pen

costume rundowns;

  • very basic ‘villager’ type olden clothing for the background extra people
    • straw hats
    • older worn clothing
    • thing shirts
    • scarves
    • dungarees
    • dresses 
    • skirts, not leather 


  • detective type hats
  • boots, preferably leather but other material is good too
  • long coats
    • trenchcoat preffered
  • shirt undercloth,
    • checkered,plaid,plain – doesnt matter
  • sharp, crisp black trousers
    • probably jeans

Character Traits – Research

Characters walk cycles are usually created so that in animation their personality shows through the way they walk, jump, talk and move around an environment, it’s also very good at showing a distinct emotion or mood. There are many examples of this, a few I can give are; [drawing with jazza]


for example, a character whose main trait is being grumpy or gruff, it’s likely that they would walk with a bit of a slouch, slightly crossed arms and frowning or neutral expression whereas a character who has the main trait of joyful or upbeat would have a more upright walking position and would probably move with a bounce in their step. 

the possibility of character traits is endless, there is an endless amount thanks to the human descriptive language