App Design – Chosen App Information

Name; ideas

  • drawbit
  • drawbitz
  • doodlepaddle

Similar apps/ Apps of which features will be combined for this app;

  • deviantart
  • pintrest
  • drawing desk 
  • inkist
  • sketchpad


  • blues – calm, cool, safe
  • red – representation of ‘paint’ generically, colour of passion
  • purple – royalty, hope, enthusiasm



App Design – 9th

my designed app;

  • chat app

drawing app

  • elements
    • ‘drawing pad’
    • art ‘tools’ menu
    • settings menu
    • undo button
    • drop down menu to navigate to section
    • layers
  • sections
    • main menu
    • settings menu
    • drop down menu
    • tool sidebar
    • layers sidebar
  • tools
    • pen
      • with size slider
    • colour pallette/wheel
    • airbrush
    • pencil
    • eraser
    • paintbrush
      • square
      • circle
    • scale/move
    • crayon
    • blur/smudge

the app will work similar to sites/apps like pintrest and deviantart;

  • will be a site/place where you can share your art
  • create folders/collections for your own art works
  • create folders/collections of favourites of others work
  • have a basic ‘profile’ where your works are displayed{if you so wish}
  • allows commenting/feedback from others.

research of similar apps one; deviantart

deviantart is most popularly a site where you can share images and GIFS of art you have made or has been gifted to you or even screenshots, there is also a deviantartmuro feature which is deviantarts own drawing pad with basic tools and graphic elements to help your drawing experience.

its a wide community app based solely around art and drawing and thats the feel i’m going for with my own app.

Maya – Graph Editor/Ball animation


  • can control interpolation between keyframes and change animation values by adjusting curves
  • displays animation in graph form


  • auto tangents – animation tangents automatically created
  • spline tangents – are smooth and co-linear {both at same angle}
  • linear tangent –  a straight line joining two keys
  • clamped tangent – has characteristics of both linear and spline, in and out keys are interpolated as linear

dope sheet – charts specific movements, key bits of info;

  • series of horizontal and vertical columns
  • sometimes called exposure or x-sheets
  • devised to keep track of thousands of painted cells/images
  • record info for every sound, fps, sound, camera instructions

ball animation;

task – predraw and then animate in Maya; a heavy ball dropping from a height, a football rebounding off a wall, a ball dropping down some stairs.

bal01ball animation sketch


specific key menu;

  • cmnd+shift+one click on things you want in custom menu
  • windows – animation editors – dope sheet

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 11.31.07

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 10.43.23Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 11.17.55




Maya – animation – Tutorial

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 11.08.51Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 11.23.59Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 11.32.38

in Maya we used keyframing and different objects animated over longer periods of keyframes, the objects have different speeds due to the number of frames but the same destination.

evaluate animation;

for this tutorial project we used the animation aspect of Maya to move basic objects. Keyframing is the way in which you add keyframes and place the object somewhere at the first keyframe and then moving to the desired last frame and moving the object, the programme fills in the movement between the points. depending on the frame of the end point, the speed will be different. for example, the end point for the first object was 25 frames in, the second object was 48 frames as the end point and then the last object was stopped at 72 frames. they all had the same starting point and the timeline pop up at the bottom was how i moved them to later frames, their speeds were all different.

the first object, which you will see is the fastest moving, was set to stop the earliest, so in comparison to the last object it moved a lot faster, about 1/3 faster in fact.