Maya – Homework one

I wasn’t in on the day this was assigned but I’m going to try and do my best on making notes anyway. also Keiran, since I know you’re reading this I know its the second year but please don’t rip me into shreds yeah, I didn’t know we had this homework until the end of Thursday and I haven’t been able to get onto Maya between Thursday and Monday so I’m unable to do the tutorial, unfortunately, there’s a lot more than college going on in my life and your Maya class isn’t the only one I’m in. until I understand what I’m supposed to do this is going to be a very empty post.

most of the basic tools of Maya are used for modelling purposes, being able to shape objects and add and merge shapes together to create a form or outline of whatever you’re trying to create.

for example, the universal manipulator tool is very useful, I suppose its similar to the scale tool in a flat graphics programme like photoshop?. It can be used to move things, rescale them, transform them and even be precise with the values of the object.

another good toolset is the QWERTY {keyboard letter shortcuts} and each of those has different basic functions, for example, e – rotate, r – scale, w – move etc

keyframing is also a helpful key part of using Maya


“Sidescroller” – Treatment

I have not yet come up with a name for my game.

the genre of game is sidescroller, or so i’ve been told. we havent been told how long we have been given for this said project yet but i assume a few weeks or more knowing how tight the college is. i think my targeted audience would be of all genders but mostly from older kids to teens.

the game is about two ordinary people of differing personality who have come together to go after the scientists who have screwed up the earths population. the scientists were combining animal dna and in some cases adding human dna to try and cure diseases, it was tested on animals and after two days they released the mass amount created into the waterways and through the air, after a few more days though the subjects started to mutate and soon the same things happened to the people of the earth, and the animals and environments it had been spread through, animals merging and mutating with others.

information on the other two characters is in their other blog post. they are both protagonists, which either have specific levels where you play as them or you can choose who you play as for what levels. sandra is a female who acquired alligator mutations and traits such as larger teeth that slightly curl over her lip and a large powerful tail{which connects to her spine}, she is very grumpy and short tempered, she prefferes power over strategy and never thinks before doing something. then theres remy who’s a male with wolf mutations such as ears, a tail and sharper canines. remy is very positive, bouncy and energetic, he’s quick in a fight and prefers to use his head due to his lack of body strength and mass.

i chose this idea because i like thinking of odd things that could happen, like things mutating, dna being combines, environments and entire species changing and such. also i couldnt pass up a science based story with characters that have enhancements or mutations pop up.

i researched what some mutated things in nature look like{that do exist} and i researched some ideas and sketches of what others thought mutated environments, plants and even sentient plant-animal combinations would look like and how they would function if they still could. for the characters i got together ideas, clothes, looks and aestethics that i thought would fit them or i liked for the idea of that character, though i allready had a distinct idea on how i’d draw them because even though apparently its a crime to draw from your head that is exactly what i did and plan to do for the rest of my life, no one is going to change that.

visuals similar to avatar/and creatures

Production – cw



ecu 2




mid close.jpg








OTS 1;{zoomed from afar}




worm angle





  • Dutch angle;

dutch angle

rules of shot taking;

  • headroom – dont cut heads off people or leave too much space above
  • looking space – allow space to see what persons looking at
  • eyeline – be aware of persons height and when/when not to angle camera up or down{film on their eyeline or not}
  • law of 3rds – divide screen up
  • crossing the line – 
  • 45 degree rule {vv}
  • 180 degree rule – axis that runs through shots, need axis on one side to keep in frame

conventions – not really rules, guidelines. expert practitioners often break these on purpose.

establishing shots;



App Design – hw

[ couldnt find info on app design but if and when i can itll go here so uhhh





eholder ]

over time interactive media has slowly changed and progressed. for example things went from video/vhs and video players {1970s-2000s}, to being transferred over to dvds{which were very close and similiar to cd’s but now including video} which started in the late nineties and has continued up until this very day with things like blueray, unfortunately due to technology upgrading most people do say that things like netflix slowly replaced dvds, literal digital forms of media.

things got to this point because newer forms of media are easier to use and mostly flows along with a new trend.

there are many different elements to app design. one important element is having a clear icon, something that clearly represents your app, what its about or whats in it and making sure it is clear and in good quality. without it, how would people know what the app was about? or how to differinciate from other apps?

another important element is a way to go back and/or an exit button, most apps have many varying layers to them, or different pages/sections to go through etc so having a way to go back or even a way to exit the app or section completely is crucial to make sure the app isnt difficult to use.

a way to contact the team/creator/s behind the app is also extremely important, whether it be an in app menu or in app info to other social media the creator/s have its very important to have a way for the users to feedback to you. you need to know if the app is having problems or crashing or a feature is broken.

a good extra feature is push notifications, the users getting feedback from the app about things that are going on, updates, extras etc, so things are always consistent and arent static. the app  remains interesting and also adds continued interest from the users.

and finally, depending on the type of app there should be some type of privacy option/policy in place for many reasons including protection.

the first app i’m going to review is instagram. the user interface is very simple to use, it explains how to do it and the symbols to get to areas like settings are obvious and the imagery is related to whats commonly the icon. the interface is a simple scrolling, double tap to like, tap to unallow or allow sound and there are many different components! for example, there are direct messages, switching accounts, being able to post videos, pictures and multiple pictures as well as add to a ‘story’ which puts a pictures up there for twenty four hours before deleting it.

instagram is a very efficient app, its got a well versed team behind it and is a solidly structured app which rarely malfunctions, since its userbase is so large its unsurprising that things are so well kept! the app also uses a very helpful amount of negative space. 

the second app i’m reviewing is a game called ‘merge’. its a simple puzzle game where you match colours{presented in a square/dice looking form} and keep matching for coins and points until the grid is filled with unmatchables and restarts. it is a very simple app, the user interface is fairly large but there is no way to contact other users since the feature isnt needed nor would it make sense. like most apps there is a setting/option to contact the developers/team for any queries. it is designed very well because there are very rarely any bugs and its so easy to control even a toddler could probably play it without getting stuck in any way

another well designed app is also a game named ‘pocket mortys’. its built and meant to play like a simplified pokemon game for phones instead of ds’. it works very well, doesn’t crash at all and has a fairly wide user base, due to this they have had to keep things clean and also added a multiplayer option where users can face against other users whether it be internationally or the person sitting next to them. the settings button is a little hard to see and hasn’t got much on it, unfortunately there isnt an option to reach out to the team in charge of the app for assistance but i’m sure if theres a site for it or in the store theres a form of contact, that small thing does make it a small let down though.

Gmail is also a very well designed app, the menus are easy to find and you can slide it up and away, there are no glitches or issues with the app and if there were then they were fixed in a matter of hours at most. 

[i really can’t think of anything else to say right now, im not good with analysis, sorry]

[i’m gunna be real honest here, i chose game design on purpose because i didn’t want to do stuff like this. i’m so uninterested in apps and how they work it is unreal, i have got NO motivation to try and finish this and i’ve got so little done because i really carry no interest, i’m trying to do my best but its hard when i just dont care about the subject AND when i cant find any information or research to put down for it either!]





before pre;

  • planning
  • funding 
  • pitching idea
  • research
  • brainstorm
  • storyboarding
  • basic idea
  • write story/screenplay


  • creating models/char sheets
  • creation of props and backdrop
  • hiring people
  • editing screenplay and/or storyboard again
  • costume designing and creation
  • voice recording
  • shot list
  • rehearsing
  • hiring equipment


  • filming
  • animating
  • rehearsing
  • logging/reshooting
  • live audio/recording
  • live special effects

post production;

  • effects
  • editing
  • addition of sound
  • foley
  • test viewing
  • create soundtrack+scape