Game Design – Similar Games

my game should be similar to rayman on the playstation one.

you can see gameplay and mechanics of the game here;

Stills of the game;



Ciel1PC.png  images.jpg

the forest backgrounds are similar to what i would like my own backgrounds to be like, dark in the back and brighter but dull in the foreground




Game Design – Process of making

the process of creating assets for the game level was lengthly but overall i wasnt given much time to digitally create these assets. during this process i went through different issues and troubles. for example one issue was the walk cycle wasnt working at first, the movement didnt flow and it didnt loop to continously, i fixed this by finding a walk cycle reference with more movement and frames to it so i could make everything look smoother and make more sense, which is how i got my final walk cycle in the first place. 

the idle animation was one of the easiest to do, i had no issues and it allowed me to play around with expression and moving certain body parts as the character bopped, it worked very well and i had no issues with creating this part of the sprite animation.

App Design – Chosen App


Name; ideas

  • embrace tranquility
  • walk in harmony
  • breathe easy
  • calm serenity

Similar apps/ Apps of which features will be combined for this app;

  • pacifica
  • relax lite
  • headspace; guided meditation


  • blues – calm, cool, safe
  • soft green – colour of nature and plants, calm and kind
  • orange – colour tied to hope and joy

Logo ideas;

  • blue wave in a softer blue circle
    • silhouette?
  • paint splatter or smudge against plain background
    • darker shade of background colour
  • zenyattas orbs of harmony

Info sites;



View story at

View story at

Maya – Lighting

six types of lighting/light sources;

  • ambient
    • direct and indirect lighting , brightens all parts of scene uniformly 
  • directional
    • even illumination of a scene using parallel rays of light, useful for very far away sources like sunlight
  • point 
    • light radiates in all directions from a single point, used for omnidirectional sources like a lightbulb or a lamp
  • spot
    • creates a cone of light in one direction, useful for beams of light like lighthouses or flashlights
  • area
    • 2d rectangular light sources, useful for windows and ceiling lights, but uses a longer render time
  • volume
    • fills a 3d shape, useful for visual representation of the extent of the light

attributes of light; 

  • three-point lighting
    • key light – main source of illuminating the object [angled to certain angle]
    • secondary fill – highlights details of the object [half strength of key light]
    • backlight – distinguishes the object from the background [angled to a certain angle]
  • colour
    • reflects light, cameras read rooms/atmospheres as colours due to lighting
    • colour in 3d – not pure white light
    • set an RGB colour for the light – affects the colour of the scene
  • intensity
    • how much light emitted from the light source
  • decay
    • how much light diminishes away from the source light
  • cone angle
    • width of the lights cone of influence, area outside cone not illuminated
  • penumbra angle
    • fall off at the edge of cone angle, more gives a softer edge to the light cone
  • drop-off
    • how much the light diminishes the outer edges

light controls;

  • aim from/aim at
  • fall-off rate
  • cone radius
  • penumbra/umbra control
  • non-linear fall-off
  • all in one control

good ways to use lights;

  • look to photographers for techniques
  • think in terms of balance
  • avoid the overly dramatic
  • look at natural lighting
  • avoid saturated lights and hues
  • avoid neon lights/disco colours


  • depth map
  • raytrace

shadow effects;

  • hard shadows
    • sharper edges
  • soft shadows
    • softer, feathery edges
  • fall-out
    • colour gradient, shadow lighter at the top


  • blinn
  • lambert [!!]
  • phong

research for lighting; out of game options

  • 2d and 3d animation
  • tv shows
  • film noir
  • photography
  • still/real life

Displaying Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.03.41.png

Displaying Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.25.44.png

Displaying Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.26.56.pngDisplaying Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.33.46.png

Displaying Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.33.52.pngDisplaying Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.35.43.png

Displaying Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.54.39.png


in this excersize we were told to use the spotlight effects of maya to create lighting around this robot, there were options to change the lighting, its colour and position and many things like this