FMP – Story Write-up

here is where i am going to put a more detailed write-up for the story of the game itself, or at least enough to make the story a solid concept. 

the introduction or prologue to the game will be told in the form of a very basic scroll type book media, in which it tells the story of a witch, at the time she wasnt very powerful, but was in a learning process, slowly working out how to gain more and more magic, during the time that she wasn’t so powerful, several creatures crossed her. One being a dragon, who tricked her into giving over almost all her gold, without giving so much as a puff of fire in return before flying away to her cave, the next a unicorn who refused to give a strand of her mane to the witch for a spell, telling her that she would never be strong enough to meddle with unicorn magic. The third was a manticore, whos den the witch had stumbled into on an adventure of her own, he almost took her life as he chased her away, violent creatures are manticores. The last was a griffin, who simply forgot they agreed to help her move her resources, they had made an agreement and in his busy day he forgot to go. 


FMP – Resources – Links




photoshop help;

FMP – Character creation and brainstorming


  • four/five main focus characters
  • possible creatures; 
    • dragon
    • unicorn
    • griffin/hipogriff
    • ghost
    • vampire
    • werewolf
    • shapeshifter {wouldn’t work in this situation – defeats purpose}
    • manticore
    • fairy
    • mermaid
    • pegasus
    • imp
  • final selection of creatures;
    • dragon
    • unicorn
    • manticore
    • ghost
    • [possible last] – imp

Characters decided basics;

  • dragon // Tildral, Protector Of The Weak OR Anit, The Nocturnal // female // 5000 years of age // main personality traits;
    • angry, hotheaded, irritable, loyal, greedy, independant, strong
    • appearence
      • horns
      • tail
      • tougher skin/scaley patches
  • unicorn // denali // female // 1800 // main personality traits;
    • arrogant, quiet, caring, cautious, low intelligence
    • appearence
      • horn
      • possible tail
  • manticore // tafrak// male // 2300 // main personality traits
    • aggressive, angry, strong, ignorant, headstrong
    • appearence; 
      • horns
      • scoprion tail
      • sharper nails
      • sharper canines
  • ghost // jamison // neutral // ????? // main personality traits;
    • quiet, shy, introverted, smart, quick-witted, 
    • appearance
      • lankey
      • skinny
      • slightly transparent seeming
  • griffin // godric // neutral // 2500 // main personality traits;
    • quiet, smart, logical, quick-witted, patient
    • appearance;
      • slight buff boi
      • mid-height
      • spikey hair
      • slicked back hair
      • brown eyes

Tildral; Til ; moodboard


Denali; Deni ; moodboard


Tafrak; Rak ; moodboard


Jamison; Jamie; moodboard


Godric ; Ric ; moodboard


Rough colour pallettes to inclue;

Tildral; Til ; pallettes

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Denali; Deni; pallettes

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Tafrak; Rak; pallettes

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Jamison; Jamie; pallettes

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Godric; Ric; pallettes

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  • tildral
    • hood/no sleeve hood jacket
    • tank top
    • jean shorts
    • trainers
    • charred slightly
    • —-
    • armour
    • long knight cloth
    • boots
    • chainmail
  • tarfrak
    • furry winter shoulder cape
    • oscar pine shirt
    • long black trousers
    • black long coat
  • denali
    • medieval cloak
    • dress
    • flowery top
    • skirt
  • godric
    • suit
    • waistcoat
    • blazer
    • undone tie

FMP – Research – Task two

primary source research;

  • museums 
    • absolutely not.
  • exhibitions
    • that doesnt fit in for what i’m doing
  • shows
    • still doesn’t fit with concept art.
  • questionairres
    • ????

Im afraid i do not have the personal funds to go on pointless trips to any of these, they are unhelpful to what i am doing and a waste.

record of saved ‘research’; drawings, photographs, notes and sketches;


evidence of idea generation;

  • slideshow here ig [ the fb chat ]

creative planning list; 

  • character research in form of mood-boards, sketches
  • environment research in form of moodboards, photos
  • sketches
    • poses, expressions, eventual character design
  • look into artistic and drawing techniques 
  • create a map for the game 
    • look at popular maps e.g. mordor/lotr
  • more
  • more

visual planning;

  • moodboards
    • of both character influences and key ideas
    • of environmental influences and key ideas.
    • of similar games
    • of concept art silhouettes
  • mind maps
    • in sketchbook, transferred
  • sketches
    • in sketchbook, partially transfer
  • design boards
    • ….?
  • test shots
    • n/a
  • storyboards
    • possibly. sketchbook first if they are made
  • character development 
    • developing characters design and details slowly
    • mostly sketchbook, continued and transferred to digital

content planning;

  • script drafts
    • not necessary
  • character development
    • written-wise?. on blog.
  • questions
    • ????

risk assessment;

  • mac
    • possible risks
      • work deletion
  • room/college
    • possible risks
      • spilled drink
      • mac not starting up
      • not enough seats
      • not being able to get into the room itself
  • tablet
    • possible risks
      • driver not installing
      • pen nib wearing too thin or breaking entirely
      • it getting majorly damaged
  • sketchbook
    • paper cut
    • it getting wet/ruining pages



Web design – evaluation

my website is a personal portfolio which will show off my previous works in hopes to bring attention from new employers over to myself.

I had multiple ideas, though the wireframe is what i started off with first since i wanted to know roughly how my pages would look, the sketches are rough and not very cleaned up but i followed them as best i could, making various design changes along the way. we had to include external links, which i was not made aware of at the start but planned out anyway, every image on the site is of my own creation, as requested.

the site works well and smoothly despite some delay on loading the pages, though sadly it does not resize well, as much as i tried to adjust this i would have had to recreate the whole site in order to fix this and finding this out near the deadline, i did not have enough time to properly try to fix all of it, i am unfamiliar with the programme as well which did not help things.

i made the colour choices that i did because i needed the pages colours to work together, so words popped out easier without causing any eye strain.

FMP – Treatment

current title i’m working with is ‘crossing grissilda’, still working on that i’m not good with names. 

the genre is concept art for a 2d based game, mystery/puzzle and adventure based if we were to be specific. We have been given a few weeks to plan the idea and then two further months to complete the work. The idea is to get an almost full concept for a game done, or that amount and tier of work anyway. The target audience is of course game companies and industries as well as the audience of the game, which i would estimate is female leaning and of the mid teen variety. 

The game is about a small group of fantasy creatures who crossed a witch throughout their lives at one point and the witch finally grew powerful enough for revenge, so she decides to toy with them. She sends them to the normal dimension where they are forced to take human shape and follow clues she’s left if they ever wish to return home, to their normal selves. (set in a modern-countryside type area)

For this concept there are multiple characters, one of which of course being the witch herself who is the main antagonist, the human hybrids who consists of a group of 4 or 5 though realistically the group would be larger considering its people who have wronged the witch. One of the main group is a yet to be named dragon hybrid, wingless and with only her fire magic left she’s very hotheaded, agitated and somewhat greedy and possessive. 

I chose this idea because the other few that i did have were unrealistic, unachievable or were not as appealing to me and the themes for this project themselves. I think this idea takes some of the themes quite literally, thrusting olden creatures into a modern day type of world as well as physically changing them and them having to adapt to that possibly permanent change. 

I have researched concept art from multiple sources of media and as well as this i have researched games of similar style to see how i would create concepts of these, contextual resources have also been used to make sure the research is of multi media standard. 

The equipment needed will be a sketchbook with enough pages, pencils and drawing equipment as well as my personal drawing tablet, and the macs themselves to be able to digitise sketchbook work. The programmes involved will be adobe photoshop, paint tool sai and possibly illustrator depending on how each programme works. 

My product will be pitched to a few ‘members of authority’ to be okay’d.